Different roles of members- Regular, Admin, Call Group Owner?


By CallerDesk Team

updated 6 months ago

While adding a new member in the access tab there were two options available Regular or Admin. The roles basically define the limits of the member on the platform.

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  • Regular Member: Here members can view, check and access their own activities as well as own groups. Apart from their own data they can’t edit anything.

  • Admin Member: Admin, as the name suggests, is the main head on the platform. Admin has all the necessary rights in regards to viewing, checking, accessing or editing any data.

Another head of categorizing member is in the next tab of user management “Call Group” . Here, we are sharing a brief detail of Call group owner. For further details, please click here

Call Group Owner: Call group owner are regular members only with access to their team’s data as well. Hence, here the member can check, view, access or edit their as well as their team’s data.

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