How to Invite New members to your team?


By CallerDesk Team

updated 6 months ago
  • Step 1: First in order to invite new members: Click on the tab “Invite Members”.  

  • Step 2: Once you click the tab, a below-given screen will pop-up where you can Fill all basic required member details like: 

  • Member Name 

  • Member Mobile Number

  • Desired “Access role” of Member

  • Activate/Deactivation of Member


  1. Once you click on access, you will find two options there: “Admin” &  “Regular”= To know more click here.  

  1. Status of the member:

  1. Active Members – click here to know about active members.

  2. Inactive Members – click here to know about passive members.

Step 3: Click “Send Invite” button to invite/add members. Once you have sent the invitation, an acknowledgment popup will appear as given in the below image:

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

Click on the close tab in the above image and the list of members will be updated automatically with the new member’s details.

Note: An inactive member will be asked to activate their account by giving a missed call to callerdesk central number. Also, note that the login details will be sent to the given mobile number only.

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