What is call strategy in call group?


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As the name suggests “Call Strategy” is creating the strategy about calls’ distribution among the members/ agents. Click on the “Call Strategy” Tab to select the strategy you want your team to follow regarding the inbound calls.

After that, you will see these below strategies options:

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Here are three strategies on the platform:

  • Round robin Ringing = Round Robin ringing in the Call group helps you to route calls on multiple destination numbers sequentially. If a call is received by the first call group team member number in the queue and goes unanswered for a pre-defined duration and time, the call will go to the second destination number, then the third.

  • Sequential Ringing = Sequential Ringing in call group call strategy helps you to route calls initially always on first (main) preset added team member number which rings for a certain number of seconds (you set the desired length). If there is no answer within that time, the call is automatically transferred to the sequence to another preset team member phone number. If the second number does not answer, the call is again forwarded and so on.

  • Random Ringing = Random Ringing in call group call strategy helps you to distributes calls to preset team member numbers randomly without any defined rule.

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