How to Change CallGroup settings?


By CallerDesk Team

updated 6 months ago

Once your group is created, you may need to change the settings as per the group’s requirement. The below-given image shows the option for the settings window.

  • Click on the three dots mentioned below the action heading in the selected Call group line.
  • Once you click, a drop-down menu will appear giving two options i.e. View Details and Delete group as shown in the below-given image:

  • Now click on the view details tab out of the two mentioned options to go to the Call Group settings page. Below given image shows the window which will open on your screen after the click.

The three settings in the call group include:

  1.  Add Members 
  2. Time Schedule
  3. call strategy.
  4. Sticky Member
  5. Multi IVR Sticky

To know more about these 3 settings, please visit our other knowledgebase articles in the same section.

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