How to Set Up CallerDesk Account?


By Kaushal Bansal

updated 20 days ago

For CallerDesk account setup, these are the steps to Create or Sign in to your account.

1) For Account Login/Setup: Visit

Once the page is loaded you will come across two options as mentioned in the below image.

1) Sign-In: If you already have an account then you can fill the details like username and password and sign-in directly.

Note: You can also sign-in with the help of your Facebook as well as Gmail account.

2) For Sign-Up: if you are new to the platform then you have to Click on Create an account and then following page will open:

  • Step 1: Fill the necessary details which include Email address, Mobile Number, & Password and click on create an account to proceed further.

  • Step 2: Kindly read the Callerdesk terms before proceeding and if you are comfortable with our terms & policies then click on the checkbox saying, “I Agree to the Callerdesk Terms”.

Note:  You can also sign-up with the help of a prior Gmail account.

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